"A new sense of self dawns when your belief in yourself is secure," Deepak Chopra

I like my shadow...
At the intersection of our mind and body is our spirit and when this holy trinity comes together, there is a beauty and joy that is delicious, even wondrous. Life and all its drama-- violence, neglect, chaos, abandonment, and betrayal-- does a good job at smashing us into little pieces, disconnecting us from ourselves. As a result of time, the literal for some, metaphoric for others, and our painful pasts, many   walk around, shattered. On the outside, for most people, you'd never, ever know. They are like beautifully manicured lawns in a high end neighborhood, their external lives are pretty and maintained but on the inside is a universe bursting with dysfunction. On the one end of the spectrum are those who of us who are hyper focused on our physical and external worlds represented by the professional success, money, status, fame, glory, tight abs, and even a tighter buttocks. On the other end of the scale are those whose focus is only on the spiritual and the divine and become hyper focused on their spiritual lives, abandoning the body and the external world. These people define the secular world as something that is superfluous, even, in some cases, evil. Money, status, and the body are neglected. In Spanish, it's called, "se dejan abandondar..." Can you see how disjointed and separate a person like this is? This disjointed life serves no one. Bringing both parts of ourselves together is attainable. Wholeness is accessible to each of us, not just the evolved or enlightened gurus. And the great news is that it can start today, now, if you allow it.

I came across this gem of a book."Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul: How to Create a New You," written by the insightful Deepak Chopra which explores this very topic and shows us ways to tap our wholeness. I wanted to share a passage:

"We hold tight to a self-image that is part fantasy, part projection and part reflection of other people.  Beginning with our families... we have depended on other people to define us. Are you good or bad, loved or unloved, boring or dull, a leader or a follower. To answer those questions, and hundreds more you accumulate information from the outside. This gets blended with your own fantasies and wishes. The final ingredient is the projections you place on other people, that is, you use them to measure yourself by. This entire sense of self is a ramshackle construct, but you depend upon it because you believe you must: otherwise you have no idea who you really are.

A new sense of self can replace this construct, one stick as a time. As you experience your awareness, go inside and meet yourself. The person you meet isn't a flimsy construct. Instead you meet openness, silence, calm, stability, curiosity, love and the possibility to grow and expand. This new sense of self does not need to be constructed. It has existed from the beginning and will always exist."