New year, new job! I am elated to share that I have a new & exciting job

It's been difficult not to share what I think is one of my dreams come true: to edit a magazine whose mission is to provide stories that promote the health, fitness and wellness of women of color. I will write some more about this new adventure, but here it is, ladies and the good gentlemen who follow me: I am the new editor of Heart & Soul magazine. Besides the mission of the magazine, I'm elated too because I'll be working with someone I have long admired, the talented journalist George Curry, who among many career highlights was the former EIC of Emerge magazine.

Here is Richard Prince's scoop on the announcement of the sale of the title and my coming on board:

Heart & Soul was first published in 1993 as part of a joint venture between Reginald Ware and Rodale Press. It was later owned by BET, Vanguarde Media and, more recently, Edwin V. Avent.Heart & Soul was first published in 1993 as part of a venture between Reginald Ware and Rodale Press. It was later owned by BET, Vanguarde Media and, more recently, Edwin V. Avent.

Sandra Guzman, Formerly of Latina, Named Editor-in-Chief

A group that includes veteran journalist George E. Curry has purchased Heart & Soul, a health-and-wellness magazine targeting African Americans, and named former Latina magazine editor-in-chiefSandra Guzman its top editor as part of an effort to broaden its focus.
"Racial and ethnic minorities constituted 91.7 percent of the U.S. population growth between 2000 and 2010 and are projected to make up a majority of the country’s population by 2042," a Wednesday announcement said. "By broadening its audience, Heart & Soul becomes the only national publication that targets multicultural women ages 21 to 55 in the health, fitness and wellness category."
Sandra GuzmanSandra GuzmanIn her biography, Guzman lists herself as "an award winning, multi-media journalist with many years of experience in broadcast, newspapers and magazine journalism. I’ve labored in them all …," she said. ". . . I was also a former Associate Editor at the New York Post, editing 10 special feature sections for the paper including, Tempo, a section I created that covered the city’s Latino community."
Guzman is one of three former Post employees with lawsuits pending against the newspaper, accusing it of racism and sexism.
She will be "the primary person responsible for guiding 'Heart & Soul' into a new era," Curry writes in the first issue under new management. "She begins her association with us by writing this issue's cover story on three, 30-day challenges that will change your life. . . . Guzman, who was born in Puerto Rico and reared in New York City, prides herself on both her Black and Latino heritage."
The news release began, "Heart & Soul magazine, an 18-year-old national wellness publication, has been purchased by Brown Curry Detry Taylor & Associates, LLC (BCDT), a media content company based in Silver Spring, Md.
"Clarence I. Brown, BCDT president and CEO, announced today that the company acquired all assets of Heart & Soul Enterprises, LLC, the parent company of the magazine, from its owner, Edwin V. Avent, a Baltimore-based businessman."
No purchase price was disclosed.
" 'We are excited about our acquisition of this important brand and readers will quickly notice a revamped, first-rate edition and a more engaging digital version of Heart & Soul,' said Brown. 'We will focus on repositioning the brand back to fitness, health and wellness and broadening the content, the audience, and the advertisers.'
". . . BCDT, which stands for Brown, Curry, Detry and Taylor, was formed by four highly-respected media and marketing veterans: Clarence I. Brown, George E. Curry, Patrick H. Detry and Pamela E. Taylor.. All the principals have past ties to Heart & Soul. Brown was responsible for daily management of the magazine when it was owned by BET, Curry was editor of Emerge when Heart & Soul was part of the BET magazine group and Detry and Taylor provided consulting services to Edwin Avent, the former owner."
Avent announced on Oct. 11 that he had resigned as president and publisher. The Hollywood Reporter announced later that month, "An ambitious new TV broadcast service targeting African Americans in the southern United States called the Soul of the South Network plans to spend at least $10 million by early next year to launch in at least 50 markets offering entertainment, sports, news and cultural programming."
Avent is chairman of the new network’s parent company, SSN Media Group.
Kendra Lee is remaining as executive editor and Debra Moore, associate art director at Emerge when Curry was editor-in-chief in the 1990s, is creative director. Yanick Rice Lamb, the previous editor-in-chief, is now editor-at-large. Curry is executive vice president/content and editorial director.
Avent has told Journal-isms that the magazine, published six times a year, has a circulation of 300,000.


  1. Congratulations Sandra! It is great to hear the new, broader path the magazine will take. I hope it will promote cross cultural understanding and appreciation between and among the target demographics. As a writer I hope there are opportunities for fresh voices and ideas with the new direction!

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