Cultivate your, let your mind free range

Albert Einstein famously said that imagination is better than knowledge. He posited that knowledge-- which he possessed in buckets-- is limited to what we know and understand. In other words, knowledge is static.

Imagination embraces something larger-- the entire universe and all there is to yet know. Imagination is expansive. 

Having grown up in strict religious household where just thinking something outside what the church preached made me a sinner, I often feel fortunate that I was able to extricate myself early on from such limited ways of thinking. 

We sadly live in a culture of consumers who passively take in experiences. We sit submissively in front of the television allowing half truths to seep into our consciousness. It's alarming how many news shows pass for news -- like Justin Bieber updates now quality as breaking news! Ugh.

Our culture today is based on receiving not engaging which is why Occupy Wall Street rallies and other grass root movements here and around the world are exciting-- they question status quo, they engage and challenge what we know to be truths. Jeremy Lin's story reminded me of the urgency of imagination in our lives. His coach, whether as an act of desperation or surrender, gave this untested talent a chance and in the process, the 23 yr old Knicks has shown the world a lesson or two about stereotypes. He's as become our newest hero filled with teachable moments. You can be inexperienced, Asian and small (at 6' 3" he is on the smaller side of basketball players) and have a sickly gorgeous game waiting to light up to the world.

May you never assume anything about anyone again, no matter what they look on the outside.

Imagination takes courage-- courage to break free from what you know or feel comfortable as a truth.

I witness the struggle between imagination and knowledge everyday with my young son. His imagination-- or mind's eye --  is brilliant. It's limitless. Actually, we are all born that way-- equipped with limitless imagination. But as we age, culture, family, society, peer pressure programs us to think statically and follow rules. In the process, imagination suffers because we want to belong and feel connected. We reign it in for fear of being ridiculed or excoriated for not thinking the way everyone else does.

This delicious human mind was not meant to be contained.When was the last time you let your imagination take you places? Make a commitment to cultivate your fantasies. Your mind's eye is boundless. Today, let your mind free range. In the process discover, engage and nourish your mind and you never know, you may solve the unsolvable.