Living a healthy life requires action

Two years ago, quietly and without major announcements to friends, family or my social network, I took living healthy to the next level. It wasn't a drastic change, I'd been making slow, gentle changes over the years. It's safe to say that I dabbled in healthy habits for over two decades. I gave up pork fifteen years ago, soda six years ago, stopped having the occasional cigarette with my glass of wine and I make sure I sleep at least 8 hours a night. I became a semi pescatarian. I bike and walk everywhere. And I carefully curate the people I let into my life. But, I think that the next level of living healthy began in earnest when I entered a hot yoga studio. The practice has radically opened up a new world of goodness.

One of the most precious lessons that I have learned is that to live a healthy life takes action. I didn't just evolve into healthier me one day, I took a first step, then a second. With consistency, gentle patience, healthy living didn't become something I did once in a while, but a way of life. I discovered that it was always accessible to me but I had to make it happen. 

When I am not consistent with my healthy practices I don't judge myself. If I miss yoga class two days in a row, when I do make it by the third day, I don't make myself feel bad for having missed two days. When I eat a plate of french fries and miss nutritious greens, I don't moan, I gently get back on the path and the next moment, I will try to make a better choice. And that is the key for me: I am more mindful of my choices, I pay attention and that is really where it starts. 

Every moment is a gift of a new opportunity to reconnect to again to your body, who never gives up on you, to your mind that is vast and to your heart and spirit which are boundless. Healthy living is when all those are in balance. And the day is filled with precious chances to incorporate something good toward that balance.  

Take that first step, if you fell off the wagon, stop beating yourself. Get up again. You are worth every bit of loving effort. 

Reduce stress and worry from your life.  Worry running through your veins is poison. One of the things we rarely discuss is that healthy living is not just what we eat, how many times we get that heart rate up, but the stress levels that we have become accustomed to living under. Stress plays an detrimental affect on the body, when not managed properly it can have disastrous effects. Yoga, meditation have been proven to help reduce stress.

A funny thing happens when your body and your mind discover a new way: you can not longer engage in unhealthy ways.  

Hoping you flow to where healthy lives-- inside of you.