Meatless Monday... will you give it a try?

The more I read and watch documentaries about the conditions of the animals that end up on my plate, the less meat I want to eat. If you haven't seen  Food, Inc., you should. It's a sobering and powerful film that takes a look at corporate farming.

When I heard about the Meatless Monday movement -- a day of the week where yep, you guessed it -- you give up meat, I thought I'd give it a try. For my family, this meatless decision has extended to almost all the other days of the week. (Cheeseburgers hold a sacred spot at home so going vegan or vegetarian is not an option, at least not now.) We are flexitarians, mostly vegetables, grains and beans and fish, less meat. Since cutting back on meat from my diet most days of week, I feel a lot lighter on my feet and in my head.

This is the thing, giving up meat for just one day a week is not only great for your health, but for the health of the planet. Read about the amazing  benefits of going without meat for just one day. If you're stuck for good meatless recipes, no worries, more and more chefs are joining the movement and offering some delicious ideas. I'm torn between this curry delight tonight or one of my favorite dishes ever, anchovy and garlic pasta special.