The search...

I recently went to a talk where the speaker said that there are the four things that we need to live a healthy and full life:

Good food.
Good rest.
Good friends.
Happy heart & mind.

That simple. I get it. In the last several years I've come to fully understand the difference between what I need versus what I want. The two words are a world apart and when you appreciate the difference, you rest easy. Stuff outside of you takes on a different meaning.

It doesn't matter how much wealth, fame, status, pedigree, beauty, or talent a person may possess. Indeed, you can have the world at your fingertips, seducing the planet with charm, elegance, intellect, athleticism, virtuosity and still, none of those things will seem to satisfy if one hasn't connected to self.

It's a mystery really this search that at one point or another hits us. Search for meaning is universal. In the book, "Man's Search for Meaning," Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl chronicles this search in the most horrendous conditions. He concludes that the meaning of life is found in every moment.

Frankl's realization was of course not new. Sages of Eastern traditions, native traditions from around the world have also preached similar teachings. Maybe they didn't publish books with Western publishers or those books were destroyed during the Conquest, but certainly, oral traditions testify to this. Enlightenment through present moment awareness is as old as dirt.

The point today is that this search that humans have can become complicated, convoluted, expensive, dangerous and even, deadly.

Meaning is individual. It's mysterious. And at some point for many, urgently necessary. It is also quite remarkable and wondrous when you tap into that stuff inside that makes you you.

If you will today, sit still and experience fully what it means to be you. I hope you realize that you have all you need inside.