Sleep is not overrated...try to get some more in your everyday

 If there is one activity that I've rarely taken for granted it is sleep. Yo adoro dormir. 

Sleep is held in such a high regard in my life that I list it as an official hobby along with reading, hiking, biking, films, hot yoga, cooking, among other loves. I take it so seriously that I have been known to take sleeping vacations. In fact, I schedule my work week around getting a good night's rest. Whenever  anyone asks about the secret of my success, I always mention a good night's rest.

I've never understood those who say that they'll sleep plenty when they die. I'll take my sleep in this lifetime, thank you very much. There is such deliciousness to sleep. My love for sleeping is not new. As a young girl, living with a mother who is the opposite of me when it comes to rest and sleep, we'd get into it. Mostly mami went on about how sleep is a waste of the day and time. I would often tell her that sleep was not wasting time, it was important to our time here. I remember once reading that Einstein needed ten hours of sleep to function at his best, and I rushed home to share the news that confirmed and affirmed my sleeping habits. See mom, geniuses need more sleep!  Ok, so my point was a little exaggerated and I am no Einstein, but now it seems that science is backing me up.

Sleep is a crucial part of the prescription to healthy living. It adds quality to your life. A good night's sleep makes you smarter, more alert, it can help you lose weight, prevent cancer, hypertension, reduces stress, fights aging, and many more wonderful advantages. Sleep is very individual however and depending on your age, you need more sleep. Teens and kids need a lot, and sadly, women between the ages of thirty and sixty are the most sleep deprived in America. Experts divide sleepers into two-- short sleepers, 5 hours or shorter or long sleepers 8 hours or longer. Find your sleep needs here.

Sleep is vital to wellness and well being. This weekend is the perfect time to give it a try, And not just during the weekend, but every day. Make sleep an priority in your life.


  1. If you're not getting enough sleep at night, a power nap in the day can energize you. I think that you should also learn how to sleep with your eyes open so that you can rest even if if doesn't look like it.