Trust... there is a flow in nature that has your back.

Hours before Hurricane Irene's visit last summer, I went to the ocean to experience the hurricane with camera in hand. I wanted to photograph the wind. This photo of Irene hitting Martha's Vineyard's shores not only captured Goddess Oya's fierce power but a moment of fascinating human resilience. My lesson that morning as I watched this little boy play with the strong winds - he pushed forward, Irene's winds pushed him back harder -- was that we can fight back, but many times, it's best to surrender. When mother nature has a plan we best listen. She is in control.

This image reminded me of how stubborn we can be sometimes especially when we push hard on things that perhaps are not meant to be rather than letting the universe take care of the details. I've experienced this universal truth consistently. It's wasted energy pushing a square peg into a round hole. That is not to say that you just wait for your dreams to magically happen one day while your sit in your living room with your vision board in hand. On the contrary, dedicate your energy with integrity and purpose toward cultivating those things you want in your life. Work hard with committed passion and honesty every day. But, and here is the secret, don't obsess over the details. Trust--there is a flow in nature that has your back.


  1. This is a lesson that I'm trying to learn - to relax just a bit! Thanks for the reminder :)