A film & panel conversation about women, body image & leadership

There is still time to get free tickets to screen new documentary, "Miss Representation," a film that explores the limited and disparaging portrayals of women and girls in media. The film's director argues that this distorted image making challenges young girls self esteem and makes it difficult for women to thrive in leadership positions.

Some of the film's stats are sobering: 

  • the US is 90th in the world for women in legislatures
  • women hold 3 % of leadership positions in mainstream media
  • 65 percent of women and girls have eating disorders

After the film a panel of women, including the amazing Terrie Williams, the film's director, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, and yours truly, will have a conversation around the issue.

Saturday March 31
SVA Theater 
23rdt abetween 8 and 9th Ave

Free: www.123signup.com/register or call
Women in Media: 212 592-4511