Can you have a negative mind & have a positive life?

During Bikram class this week my yoga instructor Otto Cedeno asked us to think about whether or not you can have a negative mind and have a positive life? If your head says I can't, do you think you will? He was referring to some poses that were challenging his small class. If you say to yourself, "this is hard, I won't do it," your brain is sending messages to your body about failure. Before you even try the posture, you've failed. So as we tried the pose again, I changed my internal dialogue. And for the first time since I starting practicing yoga, I was able to put my head to my knee. Was it perfection? Not by a long shot, but I did it.

Of course, this is not just applicable to yoga, it is truth in all aspects of life And this is not just Bikram, self-help mumbo jumbo or the The Secret stuff. It's physics, it's Netwon's Third Law of action and reaction. But even before Netwon and modern day physics, the ancient the Hindu texts spelled it out for us:

"You are what your deep, driving desire is. As your desire is, so is your will, As your will is, so is your deed, as your deed is, so is your destiny."

It's worth thinking about next time your negative thoughts take you down the rabbit hole whether in your yoga practice or other daily life endeavors.

Think about this: did you wake up with positive attitude and visualized a beautiful day based upon what you would consider a great day? Or, did you begin with complaints and deficient thinking? Are your sending out love to yourself and the world? What kind of energy are you radiating? What kind of energy you getting back?

Some people are great about keeping their homes spic and span, but their brain is grimy with negativity, judgment and all around nasty. And negative thinking can become a dangerous habit, just like drugs, alcohol, shitty relationships and other bad habits. The more you think negative, the more patterns you create in your brain and this becomes a natural way of life for you.

But, the great news is that at any moment these patterns can be shifted. It starts first with self exploration. Catching yourself. Then being mindful, and slowly changing it. Curating your thoughts is hard work, but doable. It's estimated we have more that 60,000 thoughts a day. What percentage of these will be positive? Will you be held hostage by negative thinking?

I write about this in my book, The New Latina's Biblein the chapter on beauty where I share a some tips.

I am a big believer in giving myself sweet hugs, in being loving toward my body, my thoughts, in sending love in my direction, in looking at myself in the mirror and rather than finding faults, seeing radiance and beauty. It wasn't always so. It takes training. And discipline. And endurance.

Try this:
Next time you brush your teeth, smile at yourself, tell the reflection you see of her beauty, strength and anything else that is up lifting. Tell your reflection that she is worthy of unconditional love.

During the start of each day try wishing for yourself a peaceful sweet glorious day. Smile at yourself. As strangers  Do this as many times as you can remember today, tomorrow, and everyday. Be mindful of your thoughts, and if they stray bring them back gently.

The laws of physics will work and shifts will happen and even when the toll booth clerk yells at you and tells you that you are from another country and therefore and idiot and must not understand her, as it happened to me yesterday, you smile. And wish her, the foreigner from Brooklyn, a really gorgeous day.


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