Spring cleaning is not just for your closets, it's a great ritual for your mind, body & spirit

Spring is a perfect time to beckon more light and lightness not just to our homes and wardrobe, but also to our hearts, bodies and souls.

This is the season for cleaning closets and homes. We do this as a way to get rid of all the dust and dirt that accumulated during the wintry months when our doors and windows were closed to keep the cold air away. If you pay attention, you will notice that nature is also doing it's own version of spring cleaning.  Slowly, flowers pop up and bloom a little each day. Trees show their renewed selves one blossom at a time. Slow down a bit and you will experience this slow burst. Nature is doing its cleansing gently but with purpose and grace. As this is organically happening all around you can also join in on the ritual. An internal pruning from the inside out and the outside in can be a marvelous ritual.

Spring cleaning your mind body and soul is gentle work. Patient work. Good work. And ultimately, graceful work. I am on day nine of a month long spring cleaning for my body, mind and soul and I can share that it's been inspiring and at times, exhilarating. I've started to notice all these little bad habits I did not know I had. Being aware is the first step to removing and renewing.

You don't know who much stuff accumulates, bad habits that keep you from being happy, healthy, whole and all that good stuff I like to write about. You'd be surprised how we let people into our lives that are not so good for us, or negative and nasty thoughts about ourselves that keep us stagnant. Ugh. But if you don't go in and check and clear it out, sweep it out, you will never be aware enough to make the changes you need to make.

As you move toward the light and lightness of summer days you will see more clearly and live more lightly, just like the clothes that you will be wearing. Few things are guaranteed in life, but honest self exploration, with focus, everyday for a month is a sure way of building new pathways and habits to better living. Go in deep and clear out the grime. Let go of the toxins. Getting rid of the cobwebs that keep you from being radiant is what this time of year is about..

Tell you more... Here are some tips if you want to get started on your personal 30-day spring cleaning:

The body:

Take care of the body you live in, it is the only one you have. Ask yourself what have you done for your body lately. Check in and see how you take care of the only body you have. Are you exercising, resting, nourishing it with love and attention? If not, why not. Only you know...

I've committed to a 30 day Bikram challenge. It's what works for me. Choose an exercise program that is right for you. Dancing salsa every day for an hour sound good? Or is it better to bike, or run along the river. Whatever calls you, commit to doing it each day for a month. When you check in with your body each day during the month long commitment trust that it will tell you a different story. 

The mind:
Digging deep is not for the faint hearted. Write down each negative thought you have, no matter how many, or how little. When you have the evidence in front of you it's hard to argue with it. This conscious writing will bring into the open, habits of negativity and judgment. Another thing you can do is to pay attention to the behavior, actions, words of those you have allowed into your space. You are a gift. Do they know it? Is your circle supportive? Loving? Or is it judgmental? Do they lift you? Respect your time, your space and your grace? Is it time to let go of relationships that no longer serve you?

The soul:
Do you feel expansive or constricted? Joyful and grateful? Are you connecting with yourself? Others? A higher self? Nature? Your inner world is filled with exciting discoveries. Tuning inside and poking will allow you to see the large universe that resides inside of you. And the magical thing is that as you go in somehow you are also allowing for a more profound connection with the world outside.

Set your 30 day goals, and each day move gently toward those goals. If you have a buddy do it with her or him, it will keep you honest, and help you along when you get stuck. And you will grow closer. 

Happy spring cleaning!