When was the last time you danced like it was nobody's business?

I'm on the fourth day of a spring mind, body and mind renewal challenge -- think spring cleaning from the inside out. It involves among other things practicing Bikram yoga each day. Besides committing to practicing yoga each day, every morning my yoga teachers send a daily challenge.

Today's challenge is to dance. Dance to any music. Mambo, cha cha cha, tango, bomba y plena, belly dance, disco, techno, reggaeton, hip hop, rock n roll. Dance all day and night, as much as possible.

My Pandora station is on blast. Being born in Puerto Rico where music is in the air, and dancing is part of daily life, I went straight to salsa. Marc Anthony, Joe Arroyo, La India, Victor Manuelle, Eddie Santiago, among others. Don Omar was next. What a workout. Sweet. Belly dancing is next, then  Brazilian. When my son gets home from school, we will dance to Pitbull, his favorite.

I am dancing like it's nobody's business in between writing. Can you feel the happy? I feel even better and more awake than I did this morning after my yoga class. I can see why my sweet yoga teachers Corinne and Olivia have suggested that we take the time to dance, every day.  Dancing feels awesome. I forgot how extraordinary it is.  I forgot how happy dancing makes me.

When we dance, we not only burn calories, but align our bodies, relieve stress and connect to our inner world. Dancing makes us joyful, something deep and raw is awakened. Now science is catching up to what Latinos have known forever -- dancing is good for the soul and overall health. In labs, they are finding the many, many benefits to dancing. (It even helps ward off Alzheimer's!)

We are all born to dance and there is no such thing as three left feet or no rhythm. Dance like nobody is watching. And tap into happy.

The other challenges were just as fun, try them:

Day 1: Write down three goals for the month, work a little on them each day. 
Day 2: Say hello to five strangers and wish them a beautiful day. 
Day 3: Call someone you've been thinking about.