"Genius is eternal patience," Michaelangelo

Patience is an extraordinary virtue and one that I've found to be extremely elusive, not just in my life but all around. In an era of instant gratification, patience, with ourselves and others, is in rare supply. Technology has made us more efficient but also stir crazy. Response times are crazy fast and everyone has come to expect things to happen not just now, but yesterday!

Not too many folks want to put the hard work in. Notice the rise in shortcuts to everything from having a child (the dramatic rise of medically unnecessary C-sections because due dates conflict with vacations) or plastic surgery (why work out, when we can suck it out.) Trust, I am not immune to the era's impatience with patience.

But, lately I've been cultivating patience, this elusive and most wonderful virtue, and I've discovered it's joys. I've bumped the beauty of patience and it rocks. Patience has arrived to visit me in the kitchen as I prepare nutritious meals allowing these dishes to be ready when they are supposed to be ready not when I need them to be ready. (Hence my discarding the microwave three years ago.) Patience has recently shown its gorgeous self at the yoga studio where each day I've seen the slow progression of my practice. (I can almost touch my toes!) Patience has revealed itself in my life as I cultivate meaningful relationships. And I've experienced how patience has worked it's magic in my work as a writer.

I confess, I am in deeply love with patience. Are you?

Michelangelo was onto something when he said of one of his masterpieces, "I saw the angel in the marble and kept carving until I set him free." Yes, the Renaissance artist continued to chip away gently until he set his masterpiece free. No slamming on the marble rushing it to existence. I recently read about the painstaking work of biographer Robert Caro on his almost two decade research to complete his recent bio of Lyndon B. Johnson. Inspiring.

So much of our lives is spent on rushing things and for urbanites the intensity of fast is even greater. And it happens that we have the least patience we ourselves.

If you consider yourself a work of art, and you should, then you will be able to fully appreciate that you are not to be rushed. Meet yourself where ever you are and don't judge. Work patiently and gently to free the masterpiece that is you. Never give up. Never give in. Keep at it. Oh so patiently. And like the philosopher king Bob Marley sang, while you beckon patience into your space, 'don't worry, be happy.'


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