"If you realize you have enough, you are truly rich," Tao

Have you heard of the 80-20 rule? The rule is that we only use 20 percent of what we own. Yes, that closet bursting with all kinds of gorgeous clothes, shoes and handbags, well, if you're like most people, none of that gets used. Whether it's out of habit, preferences, sheer disorganization or attachment, we only end up using the same 20% of our stuff over and over again. Clothes, jewelry, makeup, perfumes, body lotions!

To me it makes perfect sense. Human beings are efficient machines and once we learn how to do something our beautiful efficient brains, to conserve energy, go on autopilot. In other words, we create habits. Imagine if you had to learn how to parallel park each time you parked? Drag. So efficient brains are good, and we go for the usual stuff and not dig out the rest of the stuff...

And yes let's talk about all that stuff that you own that you don't use. It may be the reason why sometimes you feel a little overwhelmed, stressed or tired. You are carrying excess weight. This excess may not on your body, but it is carried by your heart and house and causes stress. Do as the Tao's suggest: take the excess 80% that you don't use and give it away. It's the magnanimous concept of the Tao that cautions us to stop pouring when our glass is full!

The lightness you will experience when you take inventory of what you don't use and give it away is remarkable. 

For the past month, I've been going through my 80% and have been in a giving mode. I have to admit, there were some things that I refuse to part with and had to have a honest conversation with self. Self won and I gave away. Purses. Shoes. Dresses. Sweaters. Jeans. Curtains. I feel lighter than ever before. It's like a juice cleanse of my home.And, there is a lot more I have to give...I want to give. I need to give.

I read about an inspiring man, a guy name Dave, who is living on 100 things or less in an effort to start a movement against the dangerous excessive American consumerism that is having a devastating effect on our health and planet. Obesity. Stress. Diabetes. Heart conditions. Cancer. Global warming.

Living light is food for the soul and gives our planet a much needed break.

We, who live in the land of milk and honey, carry so much excess. We, and I am not excluding myself because I've bought shit that I don't really need, are about more and more and more and it's  never enough. Capitalist society is built around that want and everywhere you turn to you'll be enticed by an ad that tells you exactly what is missing in your life: you could be skinnier, have a prettier house, a better car, appliances, shinier hair, etc. All that so that you can be what? More lovable and worthy because that is what at the core we all want.

I have a secret to share that those ads will never sell you: you are lovable, beautiful, worthy just the way you are. You are perfect. But it takes being awake to know you are: love and lovable, connected and accepted and worthy.

So, get rid of excess shit and get open to experiencing lightness. 

That guy named Dave suggests three things to get you started on the downsizing journey:

Reduce (get rid of stuff)
Refuse (to get more stuff)
Rejigger (reappraise your priorities)

I will add one more:
Give stuff away (the 80% you don't use - or need)