A note on abundance...

Abundance has come to be defined as strictly referring to material wealth and affluence lately. But the essence of this beautiful word is about much more. It is beyond the material world.

Having an abundant heart or experiencing abundant joy is something else altogether. I've always adored the word and it's implications.

Overflowing. Lush. Ample. Bountiful

The energy that the word carries always seemed magical and pregnant with possibilities. It is an energy that I have discovered serves me well to cultivate.

And so it was a very intriguing experience this weekend when I was cruising a table filled with beautiful jewelry created to celebrate Hindu Gods and Goddesses taking in the beauty of the pieces when a woman asked me, "what are you looking for, protection, inspiration or creativity?" Each of the pieces serve as amulets and symbolize a specific energy and so the question was very significant. It was not so much about the jewelry itself, but more of the energy that I want around me. Without hesitation I said, "Everything, I want it all."

That is how a gorgeous amulet of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, prosperity, both spiritual and material, of fortune, is now part of my life.  This exquisite goddess is often imagined sitting on a lotus flower and is the embodiment of beauty. Her abundant energy is a reminder of my abundance, the vastness that resides inside and outside me of me to create, inspire, love, heal, laugh...

Abundance, it turns out, is not just something I am lucky to have discovered. It's all around.  The question is, can you see it? Can you feel it? Will you be able to experience it? We can only tap into it if we take away the glasses of deficiency which many of us were made to wear because of our deficient experiences. Poverty, of the spirit and material world, robs many of the chance to see life as big, bountiful and pregnant with possibilities and yes, abundant.

Discover the many ways your life is abundant and enjoy.