Cultivate simplicity. It is a soulful & elegant ingredient in a life well lived

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were big things." Robert Brau

We are deluded and lured by quantity. This era has come to believe that having a lot of stuff is equivalent to a life well lived. We seek to possess lots of everything-- clothing, food, shoes, relationships, furniture, friends, jewelry, books, beauty products, etc-- but as we already know about the 80-20 rule, we rarely use even fifty perfect of the things we own.

Sages have advised that quality does not necessarily mean quantity. Is it not better to fully enjoy a conversation with one intriguing individual than half talks with a dozen not so interesting folks? To have one gorgeously made article of clothing made by a great designer than ten cheaper throwaways made by nameless and exploited workers somewhere in the far east than breakdown after the first wash?

I get why the lure of a lot can be blinding. It's a radiant and superficial showcase of stuff that satiate the instant gratification part of our brain. We want to taste lots of different things now-- like a burst of flavors or colors. Beautiful. But many times a lot leaves you empty. All it gives you is clutter -- both in the head and in your home.  It's best to sit with one intense flavor and savor it, distilling it until your palate fully understands its essence. The thing is that simple doesn't mean bland. On the contrary, there is deep complexity in simplicity and there in lies the beauty and lift of why simplicity is so spiritual and affirmative to the soul.

With the simple things the choices of discovery expand. Sit with one topic and you can be mesmerized by its deepness. This is why simplicity has beauty and lift.  It takes discipline, patience, and desire to seek simplicity, but once you get a taste of the intensity of delicious it has to offer, there is no going back.

Wishing you a Saturday filled with simplicity.


  1. Simple, elegant, and refreshing. Thank you, Sandra.