See the blessings that live beyond your immediate horizon

"A deepening of consciousness usually requires a strong move in life," Thomas Moore, "Care of the Soul."

Most of us have felt these pangs--small but powerful shifts that happen within us alerting us that things are not right and we must change. It's like a call that propels us to pay attention and move to a different stage in our metamorphosis, a different scene in our life's film. Some of us are gently nudged, a "chance" meeting with an old friend who tells us about a dream job in another city for instance. Others on the other hand are pushed without mercy, suddenly getting fired or wanting a separation from a loving spouse to the shock of the spouse, family, friends, and even many times, the self! Despite the painful growing pains, we later discover things about ourselves that we never knew. Bright lessons await on the other side.

Transformation is inevitable, resist the desire to stop the alchemizing of your soul.

However difficult or frightening, Moore argues, these deep and mysterious calls must be heeded--listening to them is life's work because it allows our souls to grow. In fact, he posits, it is our soul speaking, begging to continue evolving.

It's particularly those deep and dramatic shifts that terrify the most. But in order to evolve, monumental changes are usually required of us. Sometimes it may require letting go of people or relationships we have outgrown, other times it's changing secure jobs or moving to a different City, neighborhood, state, or country. For others, it's changing careers or leaving secure jobs. The thing is that when the soul is missing something, it will let us know. There is not much that stops the constant voice reminding us that something ain't right.

And yet as visceral and real as these pangs may be, so many resist and fail to listen, too scared or complacent. Ignoring is a lot easier than going through any growing pains. We stay in jobs we hate, in relationships that rot our hearts, doing the same thing over and over again wishing for different results. We fail to take risks. And as Erica Jong says, "and the trouble is, if you don't risk anything, you risk even more."

Pain is involved always in any transformative change especially because so much mystery and unknown is on the other side. But ignoring the call for change within can take us to a place of endless rot -- or living life in a low level comatose. And, if this goes on for too long, it usually results in illness, both mental and physical. It is said that before we get physically sick, we get spiritually sick. 

Separatio is a golden

Growth cannot happen if we are unwilling to make bold moves in our lives.  In psychology, Carl Jung expressed it as the idea of separatio, the process in alchemy that is necessary in order to turn ordinary material into gold. 

I love the concept that when burdened with the need to evolve, we need to separate from the life we lived so that our ordinary existence can turn to gold. It's such a beautiful metaphor: that the more we cultivate our deepest and strongest desires, the more we turn into precious metal. 

When your soul asks to make that bold move, it is not a suggestion, it is a demand so it's best to surrender without fear knowing that there is integrity in the soul: no move is the wrong move. It is only a choice moving you in the direction of your best you.