Do you dream? If not, you may be disconnected from your true self

Dreams hold a special place in the human heart.  They are an essential part of life. Don't sleep on dreams!

In many indigenous traditions dating back thousands of years, dreaming was considered an art form, even nightmares were welcomed since they foretold of things to come. The Mayans for instance were students and masters of dreams. In their society they had someone called a Day Keeper who noted dreams of the community that were then interpreted by the local shaman. They believed that everyone was born with two souls, one that was represented by the body and was  awake during the conscious hours of the day. The other soul awoke when the body soul went to sleep. This second soul was more ethereal, liquid, and could travel to far places, other galaxies and dimensions, communicate, connect, and commune with animals and other souls, and see things and experience things that the body soul could not. Flying anyone?

Dreams have been on my mind after reading Thomas Moore's soulful book, "Care of The Soul." Moore believes that part of taking care of our soul involves understanding our dreams because they are a pathway for deep insight into self. Of course Moore is one of hundreds of modern day thinkers, Karl Jung being the most famous, to consider dreams a vital source of insight. They believe, like the Mayans and many other ancient traditions, that a person who does not dream is cut off from their inner world, their thoughts and feelings and are caught up a little too much in their external life. When a person who does not dream attempts to understand herself consciously, she gets stuck because she's no idea who she really is. Dreams are considered a person's own mythology and imagery. And while not easy to comprehend, dreams are a great starting point for reflection.  As we remember and study dreams over the years certain patterns and recurring images emerge that offer deep insight.

Dreams can tell you so much about yourself things that in the waking hours you may not be conscious of or too fearful to face. Things like worries, feelings, hopes,  traumas--repressed feelings are let loose in dream land.

Wanna know get to know you more deeply? Start a dream journal. Sit with your dreams. Contemplate them. Some dreams come as gorgeous songs or prayers, or short and sweet like Japanese haikus. Others arrive with delicious detail like a Gabriel Garcia Marquez's magic realist novel. Some dreams are technicolor or in black and white. Some even come with a soundtrack!

However your dreams or nightmares arrive make dreaming and recording your dreams a part of your everyday life. Accept and embrace your dreams as they are pregnant with your story and hold keys to waking hours.