Film delivers a sobering look at the US-Mexico Border

Luis Carlos Romero Davis's 389 Miles, "Living the Border" is an engrossing, earnest, and honest film that explores the multi-layered and deeply complex issue of our nation's border with its neighbor down south, Mexico. Romero Davis, a son of the borderlands, decided to film what it's like to live along the complicated territory that stretches thousands of miles and traverses four states. He focused along a stretch in Arizona, his birthplace and also the epicenter of controversy and the land of show me your papers law.

The interviews he snags manage to show just how grim, sobering, and deeply entangled the issue really is. What is terrific about Davis' film is his dispassionate look at a highly emotional issue where a multitude of deeply volatile things play out and are at stake--land, culture, nationalistic pride, fear of terrorism, exploitation, violence and of course, millions of dollars.

Davis just let the camera's unforgiving lens capture all the grotesque, tragic, and at times, beautiful images and stories and let them speak for themselves. The result is gripping. So unique and special is this part of the country that it almost feels like those borderlands are a separate nation that is neither part of Mexico nor the USA.

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The self-taught director, at the urging of his mother, decided to share the film because the issue of the border was more urgent than making his the money back on his investment. So urgent and dangerous he says, he could be saving lives.