Hispanic news site VOXXI called me The Queen of Reivention

I am a queen so I liked the fact the editors shouted me out in such a dignified way. And reinvention is another great way to describe what I believe is a constant in life: transformation.

Sandra Guzmán – La Reina of Reinvention

Sandra Guzmán has been reinventing herself a lot these days. But then again, the author of the ground-breaking Latina’s Bibleand last year’s revised edition, “The New Latina’s Bible,” has never been one to shy away from change.
New Latina Bible Sandra Guzmán   La Reina of Reinvention
At age nine, the Puerto Rican-born journalist moved to Jersey City, N.J., where she says she used to stand on the roof of her tenement building, looking at Manhattan, dreaming of her future life as a writer.
She went on to work at Telemundo, where she won an Emmy, and served as one of the first editors-in-chief of Latina magazine in the late 1990s. Her “New Latina’s Bible” drew praise from fans who found her book based on personal experience about marriage, sex, professional success, spirituality, health and dating violence... MORE