Are you able to see your life through the eyes of love?

I began Chopra Center's "Free to Love," Summer 21-Day Meditation Challenge today and the intention of the day is powerful one that is worth contemplating:

"I am ready to view my life through the eyes of love."

Are you able to do that?  The space of love feels amazing. It's not a privileged space of the few, it belongs to all, to you! And you don't need super powers to arrive, everyone is welcome, it is your birthright.

The thing is that when you are unable to see your life through the eyes of love it is impossible to experience life as it should be experienced because the energy of love is where it all begins. How can you experience life through the glorious wonder that is love if your view is cluttered with grime? Is it time for a clean up?

What is the story you tell yourself about you?

The story of your life begins with birth. What were you told about your birth? Were you told you were an accident, a disappointment or a gift? Know that whatever the circumstance of your birth, you are a blessing!   

Many times we are our most hateful judges and we convince ourselves of stories that are complete fabrications: that we are not good enough, that we are not lovable, that we are...  fill in the blank.
But these lies come from somewhere and they begin with the stories we tell ourselves. From birth each experience adds another layer to the narrative that slowly begins to build and before you know it, you have created a stunning, running narrative about you that informs your dreams, aspirations, needs, talents, qualities, potential and the things you believe you deserve or not deserve.

Often, and sadly, these running soundtracks are faulty and include words and plots that are distorted because we are not the only ones who help create our stories. Our families, teachers, friends helped shape the plot. Were you called names? Did you feel nurtured? Were you violated, ignored, did you fall through the cracks, or were you abandoned as a young person? Was your spirit lifted and supported or were you squashed? Sick people, including our caregivers, teachers, families, even neighbors, project their deficient and negativity onto us. As sick or false these suggestions are, most of us readily accept other people's distorted notions. Is it time to let go?

Begin editing the negative narrative that you believe about you  

The first step to getting to a space of love is to clear out critical judgments. Take time today to begin to heal from lies that you have come to believe about yourself whatever those lies are. Forgive yourself for believing the lies. Let go, slowly. Move toward freedom. 

Examine what seeds of small thinking were planted. These seeds take root and the roots now grown, are the same one that are preventing you from seeing the beauty of you.

Be the editor of your life

The first step to seeing your beautiful life through the eyes of love is to recognize what you are: divine light. Believe this! You are beyond gender, title, zip code, physical body, education, salary, race, creed, religion, sexual orientation--inside of you lives pure love and intelligence. Know this!

May today be the day that you edit whatever lies were told to you and you've come to believe. Be kind with your thoughts. Be gentle with yourself. Begin rewriting your story. And may the new chapter of your life be called, "I am Love" because you are.


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