How to let go of the past

The past, however long, has a stubborn way of staying in the present. And it's usually the most painful memories that have a grip on us. For many, the past is like a scary movie that plays on a continuous loop. And turning it off is a life long journey. But in order to live a more joyful life we have to replace this metaphorical film filled with new images that lift our spirit, make us laugh and help us soar.  Today's Chopra Meditation explored the question on what steps to take to release the past.

Releasing the past takes conscious effort, commitment, and daily practice. We get used to living with painful memories much in the same way an addict gets used to using drug. And just like it's hard for an addict to let go of a drug, it's difficult giving up something that is a part of our lives. For many, the past is like a comfortable companion that we've become accustomed to living with.  Until of course we are ready to be free!

Are you ready to be free of your painful past?

The first step to freedom from the past goes back to something rather simple: there is nothing you can do to change the past, what you have is now.

Another step is to consider shifting the perspective. As Sara Harvey of the Chopra Center suggests in her guided "Free to Love Summer" meditation series, if your painful past has to do with your caregivers, or someone you loved that hurt or violated you, consider that they did they best they could with their limited consciousness.

Regardless of what has happened in the past, embrace the power of now--the power to know that you can make choices that can improve your situating now and help you move forward with more light, and yes, more freedom!

"We can either allow our past to keep interfering with our optimal expression of love and happiness, or we can move beyond our past with renewed passion for life," Sara Harvey, Chopra Center

Make a pledge to yourself to let go of what makes you unhappy. Create a life you love. Know what is truth: you are pure love. Make the decision right now to embrace love-- love of yourself, family, friends, and the world.


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