How to write a love letter, to yourself

When was the last time you wrote a love letter to yourself?

Most of us would find it easy to sit down and pen a love letter to someone we love and list all the reasons why you love this person. And that is indeed a beautiful thing. Expressing love to a child, a lover, a friend, or a family member comes easily.

Love, I find, flows more easily out than in. I've seen it with mothers who love their children more than they love themselves, wives, grandmas, husbands. But, as important as it is to express love to others, it's vital to also show love to self. It's the story of balance.

Words are powerful. They carry energy that lingers. Something a mother says -- a sweet compliment or a nasty cut down -- when a child is young takes root and lives, inspiring, or crippling the person decades later. A beauty queen may have won a contest in front of the world, but if as a child, she was not cherished as the true queen that she is, the public accolades or diamond tiara doesn't matter. One never really knows what pain festers inside. We all hide the dark spots and pretend, until we can't anymore. Which is why writing a love letter to yourself once a year  is an exquisite idea. It reminds you of all the lovely things that you are.

See what comes out when you sit down and tell yourself all the reasons why you love you.

How to write a love letter to yourself:

You are my everything, my greatest love of all:

Carve out quiet time when you won't be interrupted. Sit quietly for a few minutes and imagine of being bathed in golden light. The world's loving energy is being poured inside you. After you sit with love, begin writing. Start with the things you find endearing about you, the things that you are grateful for. Point out things that you cherish about yourself. Remind yourself of the little things that make you special. The way you view the world, the manner in which you laugh, the way you never give up. Let it flow, all the goodness that you see.

Treat yourself with respect, dignity, gentle loving care.

Seal the letter, and give it to a trusted friend to mail to you whenever. It will be a gift that will arrive bringing you unexpected sweetness.

If you have difficulty getting started, I'm sharing a sample letter. And please, share your letters with me. Send your love letters in comments box.

Dearest me,

I know its not your birthday, Valentine's Day or Mother's Day or for that matter, any special holiday. But why wait until a special occasion to share with you, my self, how deeply I love you.

I've been thinking a lot about you lately. I am in awe of how you continue to move forward with your dreams, they never subside, rather multiply and you continue to cherish them, work on them, take responsibility for the them. You believe in your dreams and they manifest. I love that you are forever hopeful about life, love, politics and the goodness of humanity. Your attitude toward life is truly amazing. You are quirky, and sometimes talk a little too loud, but guess what, that is exactly what makes you so endearing. You made me a believer that love is boundless.

When you videotaped ants carrying a raisin that fell on the ground and you watched them and the video over and over again, remarking on how cool it was to see those tiny little worker ants keep trying to carry something that must have weighed a ton, that was so endearing. You rooted for the ants, like you root for the underdog. Sweetness.
Someone who cries at the sight of a blooming morning flower is truly in touch with the divine. 

I've noticed too how you are taking better care of you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You've learned to say no, without guilt. You carve out and protect your creative space. Your me space is sacred. Wonderful. Really truly wonderful.  

It dawned on me that you seemed to have discovered something that I've always seen, that you matter. that you matter a lot!   

I love to see you smile. Your entire face, especially your brown eyes, sparkle when you smile. They can light up the Empire State Building they are so magnetic. You radiate electricity and beauty when you smile and laugh. Don't ever stop laughing.

Know this for sure: you are love. I want you to hold in your heart that you are beautiful, generous, funny, sensual, and that your view of life, that love is all that matters, is truth.

With love


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