Learn to meditate in 21 days, for FREE

In my earlier post on The Art of Listening I wrote about how meditation was one of the tools that helps sharpen listening skills.  But the benefits of meditation are countless, from helping boost your immune system to fighting off depression and reducing stress and anxiety. 

Why meditate? It will bring you peace of heart, joy and an openness of heart -- basics to a happy life. In other cultures, like the Highlands of Tibet, people weave meditation into everything they do, from making tea to tending their gardens there is a tranquil way in which everyday life unfolds. And before you start listing the many ways that we in the industrialized world cannot do that, i.e. slow it down a bit, you might want to check out this fantastic piece from Psychology Today. 

If you've been thinking about meditation but didn't know how to start, the Chopra Center's FREE Summer 21-day meditation challenge which starts next week is a great way to begin.

Happy meditating.


  1. This is exactly what I needed to hear! I have suffered from anxitey/panic disorders (sprinkled with some A.D.D.) for 20+ years and a girlfriend of mine sent me some links (yours being one of them) on meditation and holistic approaches to manage anxiety. What I used to think about meditation is that it is time consuming and I felt very overwhelmed by the concept, thinking I had to do it a "certain way" for it to work. However upon educating myself, I'm discovering that is not the case at all. I'm finding I can "train" my brain in little, manageable increments, anytime, anywhere. I'm about half-way thru a recommended reading, "Learn to Meditate in 2 Minutes" by Sheevaun Moran, and a light bulb finally went off. I am seeing better results in the past week or two than any western drug has offered me (and believe me, I've tried them ALL!). Thank you for the Psych Today link...It was AWESOME! http://learntomeditatein2minutes.com

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