Nine little things you can do today to brighten your day

Someone who is nice to me and not nice to the waitress is not a nice person Ricky Martin once said. Amen!

Service people get shit all day long, sometimes from their bosses, other times from clients. Don't be that person who is nice to a celebrity or someone you deem "important" and an asshole to someone in a "lower rung." It's called rankism and consciously or not many of us practice that form of discrimination or abusive behavior. You know the deal and you know the people, some folks are nice to their bosses but nasty to the cleaning lady who empties their basket at the end of their work day.

One of the most important lessons my momma taught me was this: at the end of our lives the fact remains that everyone is the same, no one is better than you and you are not better than anyone. Even Kings and Queens eat, shit and die. Perhaps hers was not an elegant way of expressing the truth that behinds the masks, we're all spirit and yes, equal.

The thing is that you never know what a human being that is providing you with something -- coffee, cable, lunch, a clean building, safe elevator, access to your money etc-- is going through. But you can be that person who makes their day (and life) a little brighter and in the process bring light and glory to your day as well.

Practice giving love and receiving love today no matter how famous, wealthy, or cute the people you come across today are. 

As Nirmala Raniga, who guided the 10th day of the 21-day Chopra Center Meditation Challenge said: our hearts our comforted when we give because we know that giving is good.

You can, with grace and love, be that person who offers beauty and light to anyone you meet today and in the process bring a little joy to your day.

Be gracious: Say please, por favor, si il vou plait... In any language, it's sounds great.

Call people by their name: Learn the name of the person giving you a service -- a cashier, waiter, bank teller, operator, barista and and call them by their name. Acknowledging another human being by acknowledging their name is affirming their humanity.

Compliment: Recognize their service if it's good, their smile, if it's beautiful, or their attitude, if it's correct...

Bless them: Wish them a glorious day, bless their life and their dreams, not silently, but with your words, in your own words...

Have gratitude: Even if they are being "paid" or it's their "job" to serve you, be thankful that another human being is offering you their energy.

Self love: Wishing them self care as in take care reminds them of their worth...

Offer one of your greatest gifts:  your smile...

Receive with grace: Smile back...

Give thanks: Say thank you, gracias, obrigada, and say it like you really mean it...


  1. This is really good Sandra. Thank you so much for writing. I will do all 9 of these today and aim to do them everyday. I too have been partaking in Deepak Chopra's 21 Day Meditation Challenge and it has brought so much light and clarity into my life. Awesome word.

  2. Yes, affirmed! Once we realize that we are all connected at an atomic level and that the engery we send out always finds its' way home, after we have come full circle through the experience of our actions, we choose. One heart. One love. One eternal being.

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