Discover the healing power of baths, they are meant to do much more than clean our bodies

Today, I wanted to contemplate healing waters and the hidden power of baths. Baths, in most of the worlds cultures, are meant to scrub more than dirt and grime off out bodies--they are help clean the inner layers of our souls.

On a recent trip to the local botanica (spiritual herb store) I saw baths promising all kinds of things-- to attract lovers, money, clients to a sluggish business, fortify relationships,  break em, and even repel bad energy. It was a vibrant cornucopia of choices. I've no doubt that all those baths work! 

Baths are good for the body and do wonders for the soul. Baths with a purpose are potent.  Depending on what I am looking for--relaxation, revitalization, protection, or what it is my body needs, healing from sore muscles, replenishing the skin, relieving stress -- I have a bath recipe. In fact, I believe that baths should be part of every healing prescription, like an apple a day, I prescribe a bath a day to keep the doctor away! 

When I am not traveling, it's almost a guarantee that I take one bath a night. Medicinal, restorative, sensual, there are so many delicious recipes that it seems I have a bath for whatever ails. They are my baths with a purpose. Taken with faith, they are guaranteed to work.

I included several healing and sensual baths in my book, The New Latina's Bible. Some of these baths were shared by the women in my family, others, were shared by friends. One of my favorite, with any kind of rose petals, a favorite perfume and a cup of oil--any fragrances that one you love. I love lavender, but today, I only had rosemary. And rosemary, like ginger, is the kind of herb that will give you what you need--an instant burst of radiance or tranquility. The beauty of it is that it will adjust to your mood and give you the right dosage of lift or mellow.

But, it's not jut throwing it the stuff in the tub and dipping in. There is a wrong way to take a bath and there is a correct way. The right way is simple: a clean tub and bathing space, clear water adjusted individual preference, though there are baths that only work with hot others with cold water. Besides water, to take a bath the right away you need time, at least 30 minutes of quiet time, this is where purpose and intention meet and healing starts to take hold. 

Relaxing or healing in a bath with a purpose can be a glorious way to start or end your day. I've included a recipe after the jump.

Here's a bath recipe for restoration:

The lavender relaxes, the rosemary heals, especially great when tending to sore muscles.
You can do a meditation prayer, sit still, sing songs, or ask out loud what you need in your life. 
Allow the water to heal.

Warm water
1/2 cup of almond oil
25 drops of rosemary oil


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