Three ways to tap into your intuition

Your source of pure intelligence is within. Trust it.

One of the most beautiful ways I've heard intuition described was by Brent Bec Var, a vedic counselor and meditation teacher, who said that intuition is "a sacred message obtained directly from the source of all knowledge, the mind of nature, the cosmic computer, universal intelligence."

While intuition may be felt as a pang in our gut, the place that is most responsive to these hunches is the heart. Whenever we need answers to big or small questions, wise men and women of the world always advice that we need to look within. The solutions we crave live in the pure space of our hearts.

Know this for sure: the heart is always and forever correct. It is only when we refuse to listen and follow that inner voice where regrets come in. "I should have listened to my gut," is always the first thought when things don't pan out as we hope. The heart always right because it relays the message of our spirit.

Trust your gut: Everyone one of us is born with intuition. But as we experience life and all of its disappointments, sadly, we lose trust in ourselves, are crippled by fear or making the wrong choices and we ignore our intuitive and all knowing heart. The good thing is that no matter how much we ignore our hunches, they never stop. We just can't hear them!

Have faith in the truthfulness of your heart: Try these three practices that help remove the roadblocks to your intuition so that you can directly connect to those sacred messages that live within:

1.     Embrace quietude
Silence the mind. The only way to unclog access to your gut is to give your mind the space to be. Just be. Meditation is a great vehicle for quieting the mind. Have a sacred moment with self each day. Alone! Sit with yourself and just be. If you are do this engulfed in nature, near a body of water, under the beautiful sun, or moon, even better. But, a warm bath or shower can do the trick too!  

2.     Trust uncertainty 
Surrender to the mystery of life. The hard fact is that life is fundamentally uncertain and accepting that opens you up to live in freedom because it forces you to trust yourself. You have the answers. You are your best teacher. Believe it. Let go of all the logic reasoning and superficial illusions and have faith in the truthfulness of your heart.

3.     Believe in universal intelligence 
In legendary book, "The Alchemist," Paolo Choehlo writes that when we make a decision the entire universe shifts or conspires to back us up. Yes it does! The universe speaks through you. Have faith that this universal intelligence that lives and flows within and without will never steer you wrong. Ever!

As Bec Var says in today's Chopra Center's Summer 21-day Meditation Challenge, "trust that your heart is in direct communication with the heart of universal intelligence." Because it is.


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