“To write something, you have to risk making a fool of yourself. - Anne Rice

And it's not just writing. To create anything, means having to risk being rejected, admonished, criticized and yes, laughed at. And it doesn't end at creating art, I think this risk happens when we live authentically.  To do so is to allow yourself to be vulnerable. And you've read my earlier post on living naked, Emotional venerability sucks but it seems to be ground zero for growth or a great work of art. Yet to live dishonestly hiding your true essence because of fear of being laughed at is to risk emotional and spiritual death. Hiding who you are to yourself and others will catch up sometime, somehow.

During an interview with Laurie Anderson, the experimental performance artist, I asked the iconic artist if she's afraid of being laughed at when she creates. Her works are grand and certainly not mainstream, confounding to some, exquisite to others. They are original. She's an original. To my questions, Anderson responded yes, you risk getting laughed at but that is OK because not all laughter is bad. Laughter that is snickerish or nasty and judgmental, she's not interested in that laughter. That's the one you ignore she said. I suppose it comes from the idea that what other people think of you is none of your business. What Anderson likes to explore is the laughter that is fun, light, that comes from inside, that is contagious, and heartfelt. That's what you risk not experiencing if you live on the safe side of the tracks and don't create authentically.

So, as scary as it may be, risk being laughed at. Create. Be. The world needs more original works of art!