Falling in love with change

During the Free to Love 21-day meditation challenge today change was in the air. It made me think about a beautiful butterfly I saw recently. 

Inspired by its gorgeous colors and graceful flight, I asked a friend if she thought that a caterpillar knows that it's going to be a butterfly? We both agreed that caterpillars -- like all creatures in nature -- have an intuitive sense of what they are meant to be. It's too bad that so many of us forget we too are creatures of this earth and that we too are meant to express ourselves in beautiful and unique ways. 

But the bigger question for me was, is the caterpillar afraid of this eventual transformation--the one that is so powerful that will give her the gift of flight? I sense not!  So why do we, the two legged reasoning mammals, fight change--especially the change that is thrust upon us by others.

Change, however hard or easy, surprising, or planned is the path will lead us to the greatest expression of ourselves. Believe it! How many times have I been slapped around by unexpected change, fought it only to find that it was always in my best interest? Muchas veces...

We all know that change is inevitable. As the 17th century cardinal John Henry Newman said: to live is to change and to be perfect is to have changed often.

Whether it's welcomed as "good" change or thrown at us as "bad" change--it's only good or bad if you think it so. Embracing change for what it is--a natural gift of life-- does not make the difficult moments any easier but at least it gives us something tangible to hold onto. Change is a present that sometimes is wrapped in exquisite Kate's Paperie papyrus other times packaged in a paper bag. But, sweet, or sour, with a bow, or not, it happens, accept it, even if it frightens or confounds you.

Eventually even bad change turns out to be good.

The most uncomfortable and painful change is filled with lessons. It takes us in the direction of our natural evolution. If you hold fast to the belief that change is really a transformation that is pushing you forward whatever you are experiencing now will hopefully make more sense, hurt less, or if you are lucky, feel pleasant.


During those hard moments where change makes you cry think of the caterpillar who fearlessly goes about its earthly business knowing that one day she will break out of her cocoon and soar high in the sky because she's finally going to live her life in her most spectacular expression.


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