Finding grace in times of loss or keeping it together when s*it goes down

"Dis-aster means "from the stars," indicating a long held belief that bad things happen for reasons known by the heavens." -- from "Sacred Contracts" by Carolyn Myss

I was awed to find out that a synonym for disaster is an "act of God." How many times in life do we suffer setbacks and losses only to discover that behind the catastrophe something divine was waiting for us? Of course, during the not-so-good times it hardly feels celestial. Who can feel the holy at work when getting fired from a job, diagnosed with an incurable disease, suffer an accident or lose a loved one? Few people say thank you when disaster strikes. And though I do know a few folks who do feel grateful when bad things happen, I am not one of them--at least not yet.

I question.
I cuss.
I get angry and I go through Kubler Ross' stages of grief.

Yet what gives me strength in trying times is not simply having a certainty that something bigger is at play that I don't understand or appreciate, what holds me together is surrendering to the idea that divinity is hidden in crisis. I challenge myself to discover and embrace it.

One of my best friends, in complimenting my grace during times of adversity, pointed out that despite the "punches" that have been thrown my way, upper cuts that have landed and bruised deeply, I make it look so easy as I journey through the fire. And while easy or even graceful are words that I would not use to describe how I survive the tough times, I'd say it's more like acceptance which is defined as the act of knowing the truth in something.

Know this: whatever comes your way that doesn't taste right, that hurts, shocks, and moves you to tears, arrives at your doorstep not just for a reason but for a lesson. Our challenge is to discover the lesson for therein lies our growth.
"Trust that the universe has your back" is a mantra that I hold on for dear life and it's not just because it sounds cool because it is truth. Believe it.


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