The teacher who is close by...

In sanskrit, the word is called upaguru. The idea is that anyone can serve as our teacher and gift us exactly what spirit wants us to learn. During the 21-Day meditation challenge Free to Love that just ended there were many beautiful lessons. One of the most important meditations was the one where the theme of upaguru was explored.

I have always adored the concept of teachers in our midst--lovers, friends, family, and even strangers have the capacity to be our upagurus. There are people, books and works of art -  that enter our sphere to drop knowledge and then leave! With books, it's easy, they physically stay with us and we can reread them as we need. However, it is the teachers who are in flesh and bone who have to move on that we find difficult to let go.  When relationships dissolve because each person has learned from each other what they needed to learn, much pain occurs because we cannot let go. We come to love our upagurus deeply and when they become strangers or move from the physical plane, it's difficult to accept the change.

Peace comes when we are grateful for the lesson of our upagurus. Even if the person we love is no longer in our midst, accepting that what they offered lingers can be of some comfort.

A gift is waiting for you, teachers who are in your midst offer lessons all the time. Are you listening? Are you grateful to your upagurus?

Welcome upagurus who offer light, love, joy and even pain, for in this pain their is growth.  Embrace the teachers who are close by. Enjoy them. When they are ready to move on learn to let go with grace. Your beloved teacher may leave but the lesson stays. Find solace and beauty in that.


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