Happiness is when what you think, what you do, and what you say are all in harmony," Mahatma Gandhi

A friend texted me this Gandhi quote in the morning and it became today's mantra. Beautiful and inspiring, it served as a reminder to self. To match the internal voice with action that is in sync with words is to live in tranquility, balance, and pure joy.

Living by this code is easier to say than to do, this I know. We stay in relationships where we are not honored. We work in places where we are dishonored. We act against self in spite of ourselves. Yet you cannot fool that internal voice. Despite this, much of our lives is spent on quieting that internal voice - the intelligent one -- that guides. I've lived it. I've seen it. I've ignored it. Instead of listening and acting on behalf of it-- this holiest of trinities-- thinking, doing, and saying -- I've played stupid. I've played myself. And I know you have too! And the result is expected: we become unintelligible beings. A lot of heart ache happens when we don't honor our individual codes. We feel it hard--anger, fears, resentment, loneliness, sadness, and confusion. We get stuck. It doesn't have to be.

Being brave is being authentic to these the three--thinking, doing and saying. It may not get you a lot of friends, you may even piss people off, the very people who profess to love you. You may even hurt them inadvertently. But this is the thing, people who are not empowered are not ready to see others radiating their full power. And that is OK. But to thine own self be true for someone who truly loves you will help you honor yourself. And, trust, you will gain authentic friends in the process.

I've had many moments when what I think, do, and say have come together like a nice piece of music or a delicious dish and it is in those moments where I have experienced bliss. It feels really freaking good. And the thing is that once you experience that sync, a delicious divine flow, there's no going back. That old saying when you know better you do better kicks in and you have a new responsibility to self that won't let you do anything against your soul without that voice making a ruckus.

Remember Gandhi's words as you search for happiness. Harmony resides at the intersection of what you know to be filled with justice, compassion, and ultimately, love.