Losing Friends, Gaining yourself

In any healing journey--whether it is changing the way you eat, making a commitment to lose pounds, or incorporating practices that take care of spirit--bad habits are not the only practices we will lose. Meaningful people and relationships that you love may potentially be collateral damage. And this is perhaps the most difficult part of the wellness journey. It's not just giving up fried chicken and welcoming grilled tofu, it's much deeper. It's letting go at a another and more profound level. Yet for continued growth, releasing what is familiar and what gives us comfort, will be necessary. The other option is to stay stuck in the same place of pain and unhealthy out of fear.
Carolyn Myss, in her gorgeous book, "Sacred Contracts," eloquently writes about the difficult choices:

"...And we will be asked again and again to release parts of our lives that mean the most to us. Yet at the end of the "ordeal" we will find that we have not given up anything but have instead been given much more in return. You cannot come to know the depths of the purpose of your life if you are not willing to release those parts of your life that are no longer necessary. 

"We fear our own empowerment because it represents changes in our lives that you remove us from the warmth of those who love us for being vulnerable. And we fear being empowered because then we can no longer claim that we are not responsible for our actions."