Pleasure, Go Get Some, Now!

Reminder: put pleasure on things to do today

Is pleasure on your daily to do list? It should be. Pleasure is part of living a healthy and balanced life.

In some cultures, pleasure was as way of life. During Epicurus  days and seven centuries following, 307 BC, the philosopher and his followers advocated the philosophy pleasure.  Essentially the idea was to live in a way as to squeeze out the greatest amount of pleasure in a lifetime. Love! Except don't go thinking it was wild days and nights non stop all the time. There was a caveat--they did not advocate over indulgence, quite the opposite. Epicureans argued to pursue pleasure moderately in order to avoid the suffering that can happen when one overindulges. Hello hang over! I've not found anything that points that people who lived during the seven centuries were any happier than we are today but one thing is certain: a growing body of scientific research points to the healthful benefits of pleasure.

The science behind pleasure is simple: it does the body and mind good, from eating great foods and wine, to cultivating strong bonds, to enjoying sensuality and sexuality, to having a strong, intimate spiritual connection to the divine. Pleasure it turns out lowers stress levels, cholesterol, fortifies the immune system and wards off aging.

Noted psychologist therapist Stella Resnick writes in her delightful book "Pleasure Zone" that there are eight core pleasure principles: primal, pain relief, elemental, mental, emotional, sensual, sexual, and spiritual. And like Epicurus and millions of others before her, Resnick makes the case that our  ability to feel good about ourselves depends greatly how fully we enjoy these eight pleasure zones.

Of course pleasure is subjective but: being closer to nature, having strong intimate bonds, eating healthy foods, moving your body are some of the ways, having great sex, enjoying art, connecting to the divine, there are many roads to pleasure.

Bottom line: you radiate light and attract light when you live in pleasure.


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