"To love and to be loved is to feel the sun from both sides," David Viscott

When I came across the quote I was so moved by it that I had find more information on its author. I am all over David Viscott! The late psychotherapist left us with a body of work that was genius and timeless: we have the power and capacity to heal ourselves, including healing our hearts and minds. This passage captures what his work is about: 

Your emotional resilience depends on your capacity to accept what happens to you without prejudice. Just because you are hurt doesn't mean you are weak, and just because you are sad, doesn't mean you are lacking a sense of strength or identity." 

Life pummels us with curve balls and each time we swing only to strike out, we lose hope. Whether it is losing a lover, a daughter, a job, seeing a relationship that you cherish disintegrate before your eyes, many of these experiences can be so tragic on the heart, on our souls. But, if above all, you can find the space in your heart to be grateful for what you experienced-- your time at bat, so to speak-- and learn to let go and let others and yourself evolve, you will be living fully in what seems to be the only sure thing in life, that change and evolution is our daily companion. 

Be open to love and being loved and no doubt will feel the sun's and love's beautiful and healing power warming both sides of your heart as Viscott clearly did.