An argument for beauty in your life...

"I dream of painting and then I paint my dream," Vincent Van Gogh

I spent the morning walking through the local flower market. For a city dweller surrounded by gorgeous skyscrapers, walks like these are blissful and nourishing to the spirit. These gorgeous plants and flowers enhance my life and I'm always in a better mood and ready to tackle my day after these walks. And the thing is, it costs nothing to walk around and bathe in the beauty of nature. Of course it's a fact that most beautiful things in life are free, but are you paying attention?
Beauty is all around in nature: the night skies filled with stars, morning dawn with its mystical dew, sunsets, fresh fruits and vegetables, I mean have you seen how gorgeous a bunch of kale is? Art, music, animals, and yes, beauty resides within human beings too. It's just that too many of us are not tuned into that beauty. Sadly, many fail to see it. It's true that someone feeling deficient in love will look around and see a loveless society. And its also true that someone not feeling the beauty inside will never see it exist outside. But sometimes, when love is missing, surrounding yourself with beauty, forces you to wake up. Just in case you need a little lift me up today, here are some ways to beautify your life:
-Surround yourself with authentic friends. Time is so fleeting, that it's really not worth wasting yours on those who want to stay stuck on negativity. Make sure these friends champion your dreams and beauty!  Cook for them, have them over for Scrabble, Monopoly... Bonding with good people is essential to a  happy life.

-Walk in nature as much as possible. Long walks in the morning, in the evening, in the afternoon, any freaking time is a recipe for a lot of great things. Go near water, mountains, or yes, even the local flower market; these walks can heal, heal, heal a broken heart, a chaotic mind, and a purposeless soul.

-Unleash the artist within. If you are feeling daring, take up art: photography, pottery, sewing, drawing, singing, sculpting, painting, flower arranging, dancing, gardening, playing an instrument, writing, cooking. 

-Go to a museum and see works of art and get inspired. The spirit of the artist lives in each work of art. Feel it. 

-Go see a live performance: music, theater, dance, a comedy show.

-Listen to music, all kinds of music from around the world, even if you don't understand a word you're hearing. It really doesn't matter because it's so true, music is universal.

I know these are obvious, even corny suggestions, but here's the thing: we spend so much time with our heads up our asses that sometimes it takes a friend to remind us of the beauty that is around. Beauty is abundant, hope you are tuned into it and that you are fully enjoying it.