Create your life manifesto...

Moved by The Holstee Manifesto, I decided to create my life's manifesto. It's a great exercise. Create the outline for the life you want to live and keep it close. 

Check out these  10 Insanely Awesome Inspirational Manifestos. Mine is below. 

Get started. Life is short, live it fully.

Stay OPEN to life, you will be blessed with the essence of people, places + things. SMILE often, when you do, LIFE smiles back. LOVE deeply & without fear, even if the thought terrifies you. Be VULNERABLE, it is ground zero for so much. CREATE for yourself & not for someone else's approval. Stay CURIOUS & your brain will not atrophy. DANCE daily, alone, with the one you love, with a child, or in a club filled with strangers. Go BAREFOOT, feel the earth, skin to skin, under your feet. COOK for the ones you love. TRAVEL to foreign lands, or new neighborhoods. TALK to strangers. HUG a tree, smell a flower, SALUTE & CELEBRATE nature. Surround yourself with POSITIVE people. SHARE your unique gift with the world. PRAY to the sun, the moon, the stars, the ONEFORGIVE, life is really too short. BELIEVE in something, someone. BATHE under the moon, the stars, the sun, in a river, ocean or lake. MEDITATE everyday. Blow BUBBLES just for fun. Take time to PLAY. Be KIND to yourself, others & to mother earth. TRUST: the universe has your back.