Dating a Latina: Do's & Don'ts

Secrets to Dating Latinos & Latinas 

Dating is a complicated and nuanced endeavor in any language or culture, but when it comes to dating a Latino or Latina, it's a completely different animal.  Cultural minefields abound. During the kick off to the series "Sundays with Sandra," at La Casa Azul Bookstore, I'll read from my book, "The New Latina's Bible: The Modern Latina's Guide to Love, Spirituality & La Vida." We'll spend the afternoon exploring the uniqueness of dating in the Latino world, including the sets of do's and don't for catching a good Latin man. An autograph session will follow the reading. Even if you have a copy of my book already stop by for engaging conversation on Love & Dating Latinas in the 21st Century.

La Casa Azul Bookstore
143 East 103 Street
Between Lexington & Park Avenues
A few steps from the 6 train, 103rd Street stop.

This Sunday, 10/14
3 p.m. -- 5 pm.

The Power of Self-Love

Being healthy is not something that just happens--healthfulness must be cultivated.This day will explore ways that Latin culture at times can be detrimental to our mental and spiritual health. But, it's not just Latin culture, American habits are also making Latinos sick. I will discuss the Hispanic Paradox, explore the healthful benefits of some Latin American traditions and share my tips for balancing both the "old" world and "new" world ways.

Spirituality Latin Style

Eight out of ten Latinos reportedly believe in miracles. The Catholic church is losing Latinos in drove, but spirituality is on the rise.  Faith is a deeply rooted and nuanced in Latino culture and this last Sunday of the series will explore spirituality Latina style. I'll will share my commandments for life.


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