Do you love correctly?

Love is a threat to any individual who is not ready to be transformed by its power ~ Cornel West

I am in awe of love and also intimidated by it because to love properly one must surrender to it completely. And that is a scary proposition especially if you are afraid that love will fail you. And lets be real, love sometimes fails us miserably. And yes, we sometimes fail love too.  

But to love right is something that I want to learn to do in this life time. And so I find myself a lifelong student of love. I want to learn love's many attributes. Experience them, live them, know them. I have been touched by loves profound beauty and want to see more. I want to understand the role that love plays in our private and public lives. 

The question I always come back to in the quiet contemplative moments is this: Do I love right? It's the kind of question that Dr Cornel West had me asking myself this week after spending a few hours with him in East Harlem when he spoke at Exodus, a New York City based not for profit organization that helps the formerly incarcerated transition into civic life. In this tiny place in El Barrio, love is a verb and practiced 24-7. 

Dr. West, one of that nation's most gifted intellectuals and I believe, America's moral conscience asked each of us a good question: how deep is our love to justice, to fairness. Where is the moral outrage when it comes to the way this country treats its most vulnerable--the poor, children, the elderly? Stop & frisk in New York City? The way we are treating undocumented immigrants? The prison population now busting at the seams with African American and Latinos & Latinas? The drones being dropped on the innocents overseas? And here, the 47 percent? 

Contemplate today on love today, would you? How it manifests in your life, in the quiet, intimate spaces and in the public sphere. And ask yourself what Dr West asked of us that night:  How deep is your love? And, are you ready to be transformed by its majestic power?