Immigration Paradox Solved

The most divisive and heated issue in America today is immigration. The hatred spewing against Latino immigrants on the ground and over the airwaves is disgusting.  The new documentary film, Harvest of Empire, based on the terrific book by the same name written by award-winning journalist, Juan Gonzalez, could not come at a better time.

The film is powerful. Profoundly powerful! Do you know why Latinos immigrate to America? Even if you know your family's immigrant story, this is a must watch film as it goes over a history not taught in schools.

Due to the overwhelming response, the Quad Cinema in New York City will extend it's run until October 11th.

This documentary and book should be required viewing and reading for all, and especially, the haters who call themselves journalists and who clog the airwaves with vitriol about immigrants, in particular, Mexican immigrants. A must watch for sure. Trailer after the jump.