Reality shows & negative people bad for your brain

I've always known on an energetic level that negative people sap your energy - they bring you down. Though I have compassion and know these folks are in deep pain, I steer clear from all that drama. Same goes for reality TV. I've never taken to  reality shows where there is violence -- verbal and physical -- because I notice that I never felt good after I watched them crazy shows.

So it was not surprising to learn of a new study that has found that even 30 minutes of being exposed to complaining or bad reality TV, actually makes you dumb.

Here's the take away from the lead researcher, Trevor Blake:

...Research from Stanford studies showing that a person who is exposed to 30 minutes of complaining every day, physically damages their brain. It damages the neurons in the part of the brain used for problem solving and cognitive functioning by peeling back the neurons in those areas.

Bottom line: protect your beautiful brain. Curate the people and media you let into your life.  


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