Your view of the world may keep you down, or not

Are are guilty of living while negative?

Do you look at the world and everyone you meet as guilty until proven innocent? Or is your view of the world, innocent until proven guilty? This question can shed much light and give you answers and insight into why things always work out for you. Or not.

The sages have always taught that the way you perceive the world is the way the world will perceive you. In other words, if you see the world as evil and guilty then you will be proven correct. You will harvest what you plant or have no harvest at all. It's that simple. 

I get why one would view the world and its creatures--human and not--as evil. There is a lot of ugly in the world. And yet there is also an abundance of good. I see it all the time, and in my life good supersedes the ugly. Does it in yours? 

Not too long ago, a dear friend was chastising me because, in her opinion, I was too trusting. When you meet someone, she explained, you always assume that they are good, you believe what they say. I am open to people and experience and know that there is a lot of milk and honey to spare. Has this attitude exposed me to crazy and ugly, you bet. But, more than that, it has allowed me to experience the world as an exquisite and wondrous place. My buddy was prompted to share some of her advise because someone that I'd just met I let into my circle turned out to be a liar and a user. My approach, she cautioned, was exposing me to hurt, disappointment, and needless pain. Maybe, she suggested, I should readjust my approach a little and protect myself. I did not bite. My blessings continue to flow because I believe that we are mirrors and that good will always make its way to me. Always.

This morning's mediation reminded me that if we look deep enough, our reality is only love. If we look deep enough the world is only good, even when recognizing the bad.

The shift in  perspective and world view can ease emotional pain because ultimately, people who only see evil in the world are in deep pain. They can't see beauty because in their hearts beauty is obscured. It exists but they are blocked from not only seeing it but experiencing it. They are guilty of living while negative.

If your attitude is that of guilty until innocent, know that it doesn't have to be. You can start acting on the idea that love and beauty, and yes, innocence exists all around you. You can access it. Yes, you can. Give it a try and see how it goes. Believe that the world is good and good will flow to you. Your faith will be proven and you got to have is, faith.


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