Plant the seeds of your tomorrow, tonight

Cosmological show stopper: The New Moon & Solar Eclipse, 6 hours ago

We forget that with each sunrise, we are given a fresh canvas to start again. And so it is with each new cycle of the moon. My mother, an avid gardener, has taught me this. She pays attention to waning moons, full moons, to new moons and waxing moons--planting, harvesting, preparing the earth to plant, she is guided by the stages of la luna. Mom has more than two dozen different kinds of fruit and vegetable trees and many more herbs in her small garden. And she, like most people who toil the earth and navigate the high seas, understands the powerful connection that the moon has on everything on earth-- its creatures, oceans, and rivers and yes, to us.

Tonight's new moon is one of those powerful moons that astrologers talk about -- a moment for deep soul searching, and new beginnings. It's in Scorpio, a sign of emotional courage. Plant the seeds of your tomorrow, tonight.

I watch mom in her garden, and know that her lessons extend well beyond her patch of earth.

Catch the special energy that tonight's eclipse and new moon are offering. Bathe in its wonder and light.

Dig deep:
Its hard work but worth it to examine where you are and where you are going.

Be still:
Slowing down and being with self is important on a regular basis, but more so when the energies of the cosmos are on your side.

Let go:
This is a moon that compels to let go of the stuff that weighs us down. What are you waiting for-- release your burden.

Make a wish, or many more:
And most of all, this is a new moon with a solar eclipse in the sign of Scorpio. During new moons mom plants certain crops and she is always certain that she will have a hearty harvest. It's not just for farmers or gardeners--plant the seeds of your dreams and goals tonight. And each day, just like you would water your garden, nourish these seeds.

Go get it, the moon is on your side.