Why your birth story is important

I am celebrating this weekend another trip around the sun, pausing, and giving thanks. And as it usually happens my mom calls and retells me my birth story. I am lucky that there was not too much pain and drama when I was born. As the third child, mom says she was an expert by the time I was born. My birth was pretty much pain free she says. But, what if there had been drama with my birth? What if my birth caused her emotional pain? What, if while I was in her womb, she'd been suffering greatly?

We know the profound links between unborn child and mom, and so on birthdays, as you toast another year, and look forward to another day, ask your mom, if she is still with you or any close friend or relative, to shed light on the circumstances around your birth and while you were growing inside of her.

In some cultures newborn baby boys are slapped across the face to prepare them for life. From the beginning, this tribe holds the baby will be born a warrior. What does your tribe do when babies are born?

Your birth story holds clues to your story. And no matter what that story is-- give praise and thanks for the opportunity that you've been given to bless the earth with your birth.


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