I desire to walk with grace & purpose...

And to always be close to nature and the divine within.

What is your desire? What is your path? If you don't know where you are heading, chances are, you will likely get lost.

The word shanto, in Japanese and in it's original Chinese language, means a philosophical way or path. The energy of the word comes from Shantoism, a polytheistic religion that celebrates the worship of human spirits that are believed to have transcended and become one with nature. In some Asian countries during the new year, there is a ritual that was performed that beckon the energy of tomorrow. You are asked to write or draw a picture on a piece of wood, rock or paper of what your heart desires in the new year: health, wealth, love, fertility, wisdom, a new home. The idea is hold this image close to you as a reminder of your desire.

It's important to be mindful of where you want and what you desire and to create your version of happiness and fulfillment.

We are above all, storytellers. And images are a powerful way to tell a story to yourself. On this sacred day named after the brightest star in our skies, may you see the light within and start to imagine the year ahead.