Introspection vs Reflection vs Projection

May 2013 be filled all things amazing and beautiful.

Reflection and introspection are often confused but in reality they are worlds apart. Both are valuable tools for continued growth. Introspection is the act of examining within. Reflection, on the other hand, is more like holding a space of deep consideration of something. One is not more important than the other and they work well together. 

Examining within is what we do to figure out how we process life and all its beautiful drama. It's like a trip around your inner world. Reflection is like staying in one destination and deeply visiting that place. When we look back in slow motion on the events of 2012 give meaning to these momentous moments, we are reflecting.

Quiet reflection and introspection are practices that are wonderful to do around this time of year. As we prepare to usher in another year, the practice will help clear the space for more goodness to come. For any kind of growth both reflection and introspection must happen. Of course they can happen at any point, not just the last day of December. Every day can be a new year if you make it so. 

Then there is projection which means to forecast the future based on an assessment of past events. This is the fun part. You can decide what your future will look like in every minute detail. The exercise is exciting if not daunting. But once you can taste, feel, see, and fully experience what new and amazing things you want in your life, you will have called upon the heavens and the earth to help you see this life through.  

Skip the whole resolution drama--they will set you up for disappointment. As I wrote in an earlier post instead of resolutions, I create intentions. I do not share them with the world. I just live hem. When you set the intention and project them into the world, it's like whispering or shouting to the universe, this is what I desire. More than a hope, it is a declaration. Like a manifest your destiny practice. Each day, work on it and stay on it.  

Remember, whatever you pay attention to will grow, whatever do don't, won't. 


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