Stay gentle, be positive

These are the two challenging emotions to hold onto during stressful times.

What does it mean to be gentle with self, others, and the world? To be gentle is to be sweet with yourself. To turn off the self judging as soon as it starts. The hate against self is rampant and the evidence is everywhere. A great way to gauge where people are at or where you are at is to watch the way you speak to others and how others speak to you.

To be gentle with self is to give yourself a break. When was the last time you looked at your body and told it you loved it, thanked every body part that works? Be grateful for your feet that take you places, your eyes that allow you to see, your mouth that lets you taste, your heart that lets you love. When was the last time you took a deep breath, exuded joy and thanks for just breathing? It's that simple.

There is a Spanish word that I love cariño, which loosely translated means affection, but the word means so much more. Give yourself affection today. Give yourself cariño.

Stay positive too. To look at the brighter side of things does not make you a sucker, it makes you wiser. Stay aware of the negative people, thoughts and media you surround yourself. Be the curator of your life, you owe yourself that much.

By the way, you do have the power to make the shift to a more gentle and positive you--embrace it, experience it own it. You will love the peace of heart you will experience when you allow gentle and positivity to define your experience on earth.