Your Breath is your Essence

STOP what you are doing for the next five minutes and take a deep breath. Let it go and do that a two more times. Welcome back!

How many minutes of our days that turn into a lifetime do we run around trying to cross off all the  things on the to do list and forget to breathe? Raise your hands if you are with me.

Our breath is our essence--we begin our lives with a breath, take our last breath and bow to this existence. So, are you making each breath you take count? If you are, there is not doubt that you are enjoying a life filled with quality--joy, health, abundance, sweetness and clarity. If you are not, just breathe. It's that simple.

My friend Belisa Vranich is traveling the nation teaching folks how to breathe. Turns out most Americans are not breathing correctly and it's causing all kinds of dis-ease. Poor breathing may be the at the root of insomnia, obesity, heart disease, high cholesterol and even premature aging just to name a few. Let your brain receive the oxygen it deserves for optimal functioning.

This is my gift to you today, mindful breathing: let your breathing be your soundtrack. Notice its rhythm. Is it like an ocean wave or short, like quick drum rolls? Is it deep or shallow?  Get in touch with the way you are breathing and do a self diagnosis. Try these three breathing exercises.

If you allow your breath to guide you, it will settle you. Or at the very least, let you know where you are at. Stressed, calm, joyous or playful, being mindful of your breath will definitely and most importantly, make you present. And that it where it all begins. It's that simple.


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