There is a world that you can't see beyond the horizon in front of you...

But that doesn't mean is not there. 

Opinion is all about perspective. Perspective is all about where you are standing. What you see is not necessarily what is real. 

These are not riddles or head games, it is what sages have known for eternity. But we, modern day folks, have forgotten as much. 

What you get on the surface, like the line on the ocean that separates heaven and earth, is not the entire story. There is a whole universe beyond. We know this and yet we don't. Human beings are conditioned to see and accept what makes us comfortable. We go around being with people who confirm what we believe in,  seeking out "facts" in everything we do that will confirm our opinions.  

The bold and brave know this for sure: nothing is black or white or even gray. Real life has offered us the rainbow. And it's glorious. 

I'm always looking for the rainbow. Are you?


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