Welcome winter: a day of transformation

Winter Solstice 2012 has arrived! Celebrate the change of season and new era by taking a moment today for quietude and connection to the divine within. Give thanks. Discover your ancient and wise self and allow her and him to speak to you. Listen.

The ancients, who had a close ear to Mother Earth, understood that winter is a time to go into hibernation, both literal and metaphorical: to rest, restore, replenish, and revive. For most sage wise men and women this too was celebrated as a new year! Indeed, it is a time for transformation. Let go of the old that helped you to get to this point in the past but that no longer serves you to move forward. Welcome the new habits that will move you into the direction of your higher self.

I share a wonderful winter solstice meditation. 

Go within, your many lessons are waiting. Wishing you all things amazing on this special, more introspective time of the year.


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